About VHL-Europa

Goals & Means


Supporting existing national VHL patient organisations and helping to set up new and foster cooperation between these national organizations in Europe and develop a common policy, if possible, between them, and to do everything that is related to this in the broadest sense, either directly and indirectly,

Improving situation of people affected with VHL in Europe

Promoting and sustaining research


Promoting and supporting the interests of VHL patient organisations in Europe

Promoting and supporting the interests of all VHL patients and their carers in Europe

Acting as interlocutor to the European Union and other European institutions for all maters relating to VHL patient organizations, patients, carers;

Acting as interlocutor for and on behalf of VHL patient organisations to scientific societies, political parties, (commercial) organisations, national health services, health insurers, the pharmaceutical industry and other institutions that influence or can influence the interests of VHL patients and their carers;